As a former kid in-care I am just taking it day by day. I never lived anywhere for long. I lived in foster care, group care, semi-independent living and then I aged out. They gave me $500 and hearty farewell; then I was out in the world…all on my own.

The truth is growing up in-care sucked…for me. I hated most people I met from social workers, foster parents, group home staff, psychologists, and even other kids I had to live with. I may sound bitter, but then again, I WAS…and still am a little. I have met kids who had a wonderful experience, but that was not mine. Somewhere between mean, manipulative foster parents; staff on a power trip; social workers who are too burnt out to give a damn, or maybe never did; and psychologists who either didn’t get it…it was hard.

The good news, since turning 18 my life has gotten better and better. It wasn’t easy, but one foot in front of the other and slowing it started to get better. I want to share some tips and strategies that helped me not just survive being in-care, but how to thrive in spite of it.

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